Sunday, January 31, 2010

Josh Rosebrook: Purifying and Beautifying the World One Exfoliator at a Time...

Josh Rosebrook, hair stylist turned skin care guru, is set to debut his organic skin care line, appropriately named Josh Rosebrook, in March 2010. His skin care line represents a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, meditation and yoga - “living in alignment,” per its creator. “You reflect your health in your skin, body and spirit.”

The line is made with “certified organic, organic or wild-crafted ingredients,” all of the packaging is recyclable and products have about a 14 month shelf life. In addition, all products are “chemical free" because, according to Rosebrook, chemicals are not anti-aging and the body cannot process synthetic materials in the same way it does natural products. “Society as a whole needs to get off chemicals,” he argued, as consumers “…don’t know what they’re getting…and that what they are getting is not ok.”

“We use processes that do not kill any "actives" in our products…” Rosebrook said. Rather, his skin care products undergo “cold processing” which means that products are processed below 102 degrees Fahrenheit. In doing so, nutrients are protected from being damaged by heat, thus remaining “active.”

Rosebrook believes that people are deceived when it comes to both the organic and conventional market. He disagrees with the way that companies try to sell the idea that you can get everything you need from one product: “It’s not all in one jar, ever, and I’m not going to try and sell that…this is beyond the miracle ingredient approach.”

Rosebrook plans to launch his line with his Enzyme Exfoliator. “It’s hard to find an exfoliator with the right amount of granules,” he said. The exfoliator is made up of walnut shells, herbal extracts, plant enzymes, and essential oils, among other organic materials. According to Rosebrook, the exfoliator will help to open pores, and stimulate blood circulation, as well as collagen production.

Next to debut, a Nourishing Anti Aging facial Oil and a Cacao and Co Enzyme Q10 MASK. Rosebrook is currently working on an organic and chemical-free hair care line as well.

Rosebrook graduated from cosmetology school in Portland, Oregon and currently works as a hair stylist at the The Parlour on 3rd in Los Angeles, where you will be able to purchase the Josh Rosebrook skin care line.

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