Monday, May 3, 2010

Chuck that chicken. Forget the fish. And say buh-bye to beef. Go Meatless in May!

Following their recent re-launch of the re-designed website, Your Daily Thread is kicking off the month of May with their Meatless in May campaign.

Meant to bring awareness to the impact our consumption of meat has on our carbon footprints and the environment at large, Meatless in May challenges subscribers to do just what the title implies – to go an entire month without eating meat.

To help fellow burger lovin’, filet grubbin’ meat eaters transition into the realm of meatless dining, Your Daily Thread will be providing motivational tips to those who have made this pledge. In addition, subscribers will be privy to alternative meal options, such as vegan and vegetarian recipes, and will be pointed to restaurants throughout the city that provide meatless menu items.

Make the pledge to go meat free in May by becoming a fan of YDT’s Meatless in May Facebook Page.

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